Hi there. I’m an illustrator from Australia who enjoys drawing manga and comics. I’m currently working on a short webcomic called Black Crown: The Comet Festival. When I’m not drawing lately I’m usually watching kdrama, at the gym, or burning through time on reddit. If you want to chat…

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I post to a lot of sites but insta is the most up to date. Higher res stuff can be found right here on my website. Enjoy!

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Latest Work

Ana Overwatch – sleeping soldier

This piece began as a sketch in Procreate. The actual idea behind the image was pretty solid in my mind: Ana, sleeping under a rocky outcrop somewhere in the wild. The only real changes that happened during the execution of the piece was trying to decide on the lighting colours. Initially I had heavier blue shadows and harsher white light, as if she was taking a nap during the middle of the day, but ended up shifting it to more of a sunset piece. I wanted it to have a peaceful feel.

The Wolf Prince

This image started off as a style study of the artist muju. muju often uses animal themes in his work along with long, elegant, flowing lines. The sketch was similar to a lot of his pencil sketch works, but after it went to inks it kind of moved away from that and into a harder black and white style that he does not really use. The tones were done in Clip Studio Paint, along with the rest of the image.

Initially there was a second part to this image that had Red Riding Hood sitting in a tree (the whole thing began as a Red Riding Hood vs “Wolf Prince” piece). I may find that at some point and finish it in the same style to this one.